The finest quality products, the most trusted brands, and service you can always count on... we built our business on these pillars, and are now proud to be one of the oldest and largest importers & distributors of Filipino food products. 

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We are one of the main food distributors in the United States that caters to the Filipino community since 1971

It started as an idea between friends at Sulo Restaurant to provide quality Filipino products.

The concept was simple: bring authentic Filipino flavors to the millions of kababayans who settled so far from home.

So, the Tropics brand was born -- and the freshest ingredients, were soon on their way to the USA.

From the East Coast to the West Coast and everywhere in between

Our first wholesale operation started in Chicago. Supporting a burgeoning Filipino food industry, our products were soon proudly displayed on grocery shelves everywhere.

Fast forward to today, our offices are located just outside Los Angeles and we service customers from the sunny West Coast to the hip East Coast, and so many states in between. But the real success is knowing that we keep our heritage alive, and our traditions intact - when we cook for each other.
Kain na tayo!


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